Welcome to join us!

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Welcome to join our Brain & Intelligence Laboratory at University of Electronic Science and Technology of China!

Open Positions:

Postdocs, Research Associate, Faculty and Graduate Students (master + Ph. D.).

​For Applicants of Postdocs and Research Associates:

Job Description and Requirement:

Be able to do independent research and be willing to help with the team building. Have or will have a Ph. D. degree in related areas including computer science, electronic and electricity engineering, biomedical engineering, statistics, physics, system science, cognitive neuroscience, psychology, mathematics. Maintain at least one script language, e.g. Matlab, Python, R. Experience in medical imaging analysis is preferred. Have published papers in SCI journals as the leading author. Send your CV and Cover Letter for the application.

Salary and Benefit:

Provide competitive salary and welfare according to the university policy (about 300K RMB before tax). Provide bonus based on the academic performance about 10-300K RMB each year. The total amount each year can go as high as 300K RMB. If you want to apply for a faculty (usually an associate professor) in UESTC or other institutions, we will support you with our connections and resources. We provide co-training program with University of Pennsylvania under the supervision of Prof. James C. Gee, who is the director of PICSL lab at UPenn. See http://picsl.upenn.edu/ for the details . ​


Chengdu, China. Chengdu is the capital city of Sichuan province, which is known as the hometown of panda and ranked 1st on the list of most comfortable cities in China.

For Applicants of Faculty Positions:

Contact gus@uestc.edu.cn and let’s work together to find the best plan for you.

For Applicants of Graduate or Undergraduate Students:

Interest is the best teacher and endeavour shows you the path. Contact me for further information and discuss the potential possibilities. ​ ​



  1. 在中科院JCR-1/2区期刊或CCF A类会议上以第一作者或通讯作者发表过论文;
  2. 有相关专业(计算机、电子、统计、生物医学工程、心理学等)博士学位;
  3. 关联研究方向:网络神经科学模型、深度图网络、神经影像分析、计算机视觉、认知神经科学、类脑计算等.


  1. 满足基本要求,底薪30W;
  2. 根据论文发表情况和博新计划申请状况奖励1-30W


  1. 电子科技大学计算机科学与技术一级学科在2017年全国第四轮学科评估中评为A,2018 U.S.News全球计算机学科排名41名;ESI学科排名全球1.4‰,全球第59位(至2018年9月);
  2. 电子科技大学2018年成立人工智能学院,顾实教授负责类脑智能相关方向的研究,并依托宾夕法尼亚大学-电子科技大学数字健康特色研究中心开展相关工作.




  1. 团队目前还在初步建设阶段,加入团队后你将成为团队骨干,得到无与伦比的学生和科研资源倾斜,博后结束了团队会全力支持你入校.
  2. 顾实教授现在还很年轻,思维非常活跃,可以和你一起推进研究.
  3. 顾实教授与宾夕法尼亚大学及华西医院都有着长期稳定的合作关系,数据、交流资源充分.


请将个人简历、Cover Letter及代表作2-3篇打包发送至gus@uestc.edu.cn,标题注明姓名-岗位.